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Cases of fraud have only recently become more frequent. They are most common on the Internet, on social networks, on commercials and dating services.

Our platform is equipped with a powerful security system, fraud cases are minimized. The bride agency cannot contain malicious links, as we carefully check any information before publishing it. The only fraud option that may exist on the site is independent attempts by Russian or Ukrainian girls. But even their profiles and goals, we carefully study and check for accuracy, so the risk is minimal. But it is worth understanding that probability exists.

To avoid scammers, follow a few rules.

  1. If it seems to you that a girl is pursuing goals that are prohibited by the site’s policy, let us know. We will find out her motives and solve this problem.
  2. If there are no photos in the bride’s profile and during a long conversation she refuses to send them to you, write to us. Perhaps another person is hiding behind her page, or she simply does not want to go with you for further contact. In any case, let us know about it and we will figure it out.l
  3. If Ukrainian or Russian girls complain about their financial situation and ask for financial assistance, this is also similar to an attempted fraud. Contact us and be careful with this bride before clarifying the circumstances.

Only through feedback will we be able to get rid of fraud together, do not hesitate to inform us of such cases.